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Incubate is the brainchild of founder, Joey Horvitz. Over a colorful career spanning close to three decades, Horvitz has had the opportunity to wear several hats across diverse sectors of the entertainment industry. Just as the sum is greater than its parts, Incubate is the amalgamation of an eclectic career fused with experience, passion and wisdom. 

In 2019, Joey Horvitz and Jon Irvine launched Incubate.


The Incubate Story

Just as business started rolling in, rumblings of a virus began sowing fear across the globe. Soon, the world was plunged into a pandemic, massive shutdowns were enforced as business evaporated. Not exactly the best time to launch a company.

Perhaps not; we like to entertain the notion that just as the world came out different than the way it went in, so did the company. Incubate just needed some time, time to, well... incubate. 

The company's core values and mission statement now had sharper clarity and even more purpose.

Towards the end of 2021, as the pandemic was winding down, Horvitz was inducted into The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). This was a surprise and welcome turn of events. Perhaps a shifting of the tide? It was no coincidence that Incubate's ethos is very much aligned with the Academy's mission to support the arts and emerging filmmakers, to inspire imagination, and connect the world through the medium of motion pictures.

As Incubate made its second appearance, the world felt very different, a planet shifted, a reality reshaped. The pandemic had amplified existing issues and exposed hidden cracks — weaknesses in relationships, with each other, and with ourselves. Structures, both external and internal, were and continue to live under considerable stress, resulting in anxiety, fear and divisiveness.

From a macro analytic perspective, all of these forces, stimuli and emotions have co-mingled to create a pressure cooker of challenge and conflict. And with conflict being the engine of story, one can imagine that the engine has greatly accelerated.


At the same time, the Pandemic also forced imagination and creativity which fueled innovation, invention and impact. It reminded us of our interconnectedness with each other and with the planet itself. Lockdowns fostered self-reflection, revealing character, purpose and possibility.

These are the stories that interest us.

These are the stories that Incubate seeks out. 

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