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Co-Founder & COO

Jon Irvine is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Incubate. 

​Jon first met Joey on winter break back in 1987. Contrary to how one would imagine a teenager spending their vacation, Jon and Joey attended a three-week intensive leadership symposium that flew them and other teens to meet with leaders in Washington DC and Israel. As serious as a symposium may sound, they still managed to be teenagers and have the time of their lives. Jon and Joey became instant friends. And while over the years their careers took them on very different paths, they made time to maintain their friendship.

​As Horvitz worked his way through the film industry, Jon focused on finance, clocking nearly three decades in the residential finance sector. In 2019, Irvine was looking to add a little spice to his career and diversify his creative profile, so to speak. Along came longtime friend Joey Horvitz, who was preparing to launch Incubate. When Joey pitched his vision for the company, Irvine was inspired and motivated. So much so that he decided to join Horvitz on this adventure — a quest for meaningful stories and their creators. Jon's also known Joey for ages and recognized that he could contribute some left brain to Joey's right.  A partnership was born and Incubate was hatched.

​When Irvine isn’t managing Incubate or acting as a sounding board for Horvitz, he’s working as the Chief Production Officer of Change Lending, a subsidiary of The Change Company (TCC). The Change Company is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with a goal to help diverse underserved and underbanked consumers reach their financial goals by empowering them to pursue their dreams by expanding their access to capital. The company’s mission is simple; to help eliminate social and racial inequities through home ownership. 

Jon oversees Change Lending’s lending businesses (retail/wholesale), enterprise marketing, onboarding, recruiting and training. He is a seasoned executive with deep knowledge of financial forecasting, strategic planning and execution.


Prior to joining Change, Jon served as Chief Strategy Officer of Sovereign Lending Group. Between 1996 and 2018, he held senior executive roles at numerous prominent financial institutions, including Mr. Cooper/Nationstar, the largest non-bank residential loan servicer in the nation and OneWest Bank, where, as head of the residential lending division, he served under Chairman/CEO (and former U.S. Treasury Secretary) Steven Mnuchin. Additionally, he has served on numerous advisory boards, including Lending Tree.  Jon Irvine's extensive financial background and experience are a clear asset to Incubate. 

Jon is proud that he has the opportunity to divide his time between two companies effecting change from two very different angles. When he's not working his two gigs, or sleeping, Jon somehow makes time for his family, traveling the world, and, of course, his two addictions - the LA Lakers and an impressive shoe collection.

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